Guide Your Business To Online Success
Achieve Your Digital Marketing Goals
Over the Next 90 Days

Digital Marketing Strategy - Working for You

You know you should pay more attention to marketing your firm’s services, but you have a business to run. Indeed, you have a ton of ideas. You’re not too sure how to separate the good, the bad and the ugly and you’re not really sure what’s working and what’s a waste of time and money. This is where we can help.

While marketing is important it’s not your full time job. So let’s book a time to 'sit down' for an hour or so. Together we consider your business and where you want to take it. We focus on how to reach your ideal client using digital marketing channels and tools. These include the website, search engine optimisation, email marketing, e-newsletters, LinkedIn, webinars, etc.

After the meeting we develop your Digital Marketing Strategy complete with a 90-day Digital Action Plan. It will contain the agreed objectives, marketing activities, dates by which these are to be completed, and what success looks like for each of the digital marketing channels.

Having a plan enables you (and your team) to focus on bite-sized chunks of digital marketing activity in an integrated way.

Implementing Your Digital Strategy

Once you have your digital strategy sorted, we can help with delivery or provide coaching and support for when you implement the strategy.

Investing In The Future

Sounds like you? If you would like to explore what a Digital Marketing Plan might mean for your firm, please phone: (04) 383 8086 or make a booking so that we can discuss the possibilities.

The Digital Marketing Plan is all about delivering the right communication via the right channel to the right people. Pricing starts from $365 plus GST.