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Fixed Price Digital Marketing

We will tailor a digital marketing package, for a fixed, monthly price, to meet your needs. If you are looking to breathe some life into your digital or online marketing we want to talk to you.

Create Your Own Marketing Package

How It Works

Although the price is fixed, the time and effort spent on a specific area will vary from month to month. That’s because we are being hire as your virtual marketing manager, not just to work on a specific task.

As we see it, you select the areas you would like us to work for you in and then together, we determine how that will work. For instance, you would like your website maintained and optimised for the search engines (SEO), but not necessarily every month. You would also like to have a newsletter created and sent every month. And as for your LinkedIn profile, well it could do with a tweak now and again.

You Are In Control

Before starting any work, we discuss your marketing objectives and your target market. We then develop specific gaols for each of the selected areas. Every month we discuss with you the areas of focus and every month you receive progress reports.

Let’s Talk

Select the areas you would like us to manage on your behalf. Phone (04) 383 8086 and ask for Pierre to discuss the possibilities. Prices start from $495 per month for a six-month contract (plus GST). Managing individual components of your marketing activities is also possible.

Outsource your online marketing to grow the business - more enquiries, more leads and more sales. Hiring us to be your Virtual Marketing Manager free’s up your time to focus on running the business.

If you could do with an ‘extra pair of hands’ we are only a phone call away on: (04) 383 8086 or use the online form.